This annual award, worth 20,000 euros, aims to support creative work and artists, recognizing artistic talent in Portugal. The chosen artistic production was drawing, due to its important representation in FLAD’s Contemporary Art Collection and because it constitutes an artistic expression with a very intimate relationship with the art creator.

A large number of Portuguese artists working in the field of drawing took part in this initiative, which received more than 200 applications in this third edition of the award.

The 10 finalists for the 3rd edition of the FLAD Drawing Prize have already been chosen, whose work will be on display at the 6th edition of Drawing Room Lisboa: António Poppe, Carla Filipe, Cristina Lamas, Dayana Lucas, Hugo Canoilas, Joanna Latka, Manuel Caldeira, Marco Franco, Paulo Brighenti and Pedro Valdez Cardoso.


The Millennium bcp Foundation confirms, for the sixth consecutive year, its interest in supporting the Portuguese artistic creation through its partnership with Drawing Room Lisboa – Contemporary Art Fair specialized in Drawing.

In the sixth edition of the Fair, the Millennium bcp Foundation directly supports the actors of creation, dissemination and commercialization of art with important prizes.

V Millennium bcp Foundation Acquisition Award – Emerging Talent

The winning artwork, by an author under 35 years of age, will become part of the collection of the Millennium bcp Foundation. Aworded with 1,600 euros.

IV Distinguished Artistic Project Award

Attributed to an artist at the Drawing Room Lisboa 2023, considering the criteria of artistic relevance of the work presented at the Fair, as well as the path of dedication and commitment to artistic work. Awarded with 2,500 euros.

IV Gallery Curatorial Project Award

Awarded to the proposal for a curated presence of a gallery participating in Drawing Room Lisboa 2023, taking into consideration the creativity and risk taken in the conception of the stand. Awarded with 1.200 euros.


The New Talent Drawing Prize – Drawing Room Lisboa & Viarco aims to offer to a starting Lisbon Drawing Room artist the opportunity to carry out an artistic residence at the Portuguese Pencil Factory, complemented with a stay at Oliva Creative Factory.

During the residency at Viarco, the young creator will have the opportunity to work in creative freedom, drawing inspiration from the experiences, materials and reflections of the work space that surrounds him/her to give free rein to the act of drawing.

The Viarco prize also includes the offer of a kit of specific drawing material, giving the young creator the tools and raw material for the development of his creative project.