Multipurpose Room, MNAC
Capelo Street, Lisbon
OCTOBER 11, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Round table
Framed in the parallel program of the second edition of Drawing Room Lisboa, the round table “Drawing and Historical Vanguardists” is held at the Portugal National Museum of Contemporary Art, bringing together Inmaculada Corcho, director of the ABC Drawing Museum, Madrid, and Irina Zucca Alessandrelli, curator Collezione Ramo, Milan. The meeting, moderated by Emilia Ferreira, director of the MNAC, will focus on curatorial activity around the discipline of drawing in the invited institutions.

Guided visit to the exhibition of Sarah Affonso. The days of the little things.
At MNAC, the exhibition Sarah Affonso. The Days of Little Things, curated by Maria de Aires Silveira and Emília Ferreira, offer an approach to her whole work. By proposing a biographical and creative journey by Sarah Affonso, we will approach her artistic formation, and discover a multifaceted artist, with a work that goes from a multiplicity of drawing registers to painting, through embroidery. The artist is also manifested in a very particular way in her relationship with the landscape, intervening and creating landscape: the surroundings of the family house in Bicesse (Cascais, Portugal).

Image: Sarah Affonso. Maternidade, 1935. Grafite sobre papel; 62,8×48 cm. Private collection. Photo: António Coelho.