Focus on the Balear Islands, curated by João Silvério, brings together a selection of works by Andreu Maimó, Catalina Julve, Cristòfol Pons and Isabel Servera.
Andreu Maimó presents a selection of 40 drawings that recreate the annual development of his Can Vent garden. Catalina Julve participates with a site specific installation, inspired by the uses and customs of the rural world of Mallorca. Cristòfol Pons presents the project “Brecha”, a work on mixed media paper, which plants a critical reflection on the macrostructures of power. Isabel Servera presents “Labor Calendar”, a compilation in the form of a mural, where 70 drawings represent a mechanized and ruled manual work calendar.
The exhibition was organized by the Institut d`Estudis Baleàrics (IEB), a cultural institution belonging to the Consejería de Turismo, Cultura y Deportes of the Balearic Islands, which works for the visibility and internationalization of Balearic artists in strategic events with external projection.
The selection of artists was made by a jury formed by Mónica Álvarez Careaga, director of Drawing Room Lisboa, João Silvério, curator of Foco Ilhas Baleares, and Karen Andrea Müller, responsible for the visual arts area at IEB.

(Flanitx, Mallorca, 1946)
(Manacor, Mallorca, 1972)
(Ciudadela de Mallorca, 1981)
(Palma, Mallorca, 1986)