Fernando Martín Godoy (Zaragoza, Spain, 1975) is the artist chosen for the image of the 5th edition of Drawing Room Lisboa, which returns to Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes from 26 to 30 October.

The work selected is a fictitious portrait of Corot, the great landscape artist of the Barbizon School, which is part of Martín Godoy’s latest series, entitled “Phantom Gaze”, where he draws with Chinese ink his particular homage to figures from the past that continue to feed our imagination. Martin Godoy develops his work around painting to extend from there to other disciplines such as sculpture, drawing or collage. His work departs from reality -often from found images- and from the History of Art itself to make a personal reading of the world, in which silence, gaps of information or what happens in the dark areas of memory become the centre of the scene . He proposes a pulsation between the real and the fictional, in which subtlety and synthesis are essential elements in his visual universe. His work has been exhibited at the CAB in Burgos, the Paraninfo at the University of Zaragoza, the CentroCentro in Madrid, the MACUF in La Coruña, the Guerrero Centre in Granada or the Fondation Suisse in Paris, and in fairs such as ARCO, Art Fair Tokyo , Lisbon Art or Artesantander.

Image: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, 1825. 2020. Courtesy of Galería Martínez & Avezuela