The PLMJ Foundation aims to contribute to the dissemination of fine arts in Portugal, leading a regular activity in the field of collecting where it has developed a collection representative of contemporary artistic creation. In its nucleus, there are artists’ names with a confirmed career and others at the beginning of their careers and, consequently, works of various nature, carried out in various supports and based on multiple procedural and aesthetic postures. As part of its activity, under the slogan A Law Firm as a Space of Culture, the Foundation develops its own editorial projects and exhibition programs, particularly the dissemination of young Portuguese artists and Lusophone countries in the various sectors of fine arts – Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, Video and Installation.
The Foundation also seeks to support and establish partnerships in innovative projects with entities that fit its program objectives.
The Design Collection seeks to present a selective vision of Lusophone artists from the last decades, while privileging the dissemination of young emerging artists. The Collection currently has over a thousand works by artists from various Portuguese-speaking countries, representing the most diverse schools and trends in contemporary art and contemporary artistic production, manifested in the last 20 years.
The partnership with the PLMJ Foundation is embodied in an exhibition created specifically for the Fair by curator João Silvério and in the Acquisition Award, granted to an artist present at the Fair.