Ana Mata

Portugal, 1980


Lives and works in Lisbon. Painting is the medium of a personal expression of a visual appeal that demands the attention of the other on the universe of her vision. This can focus on nature, on some particularity of the ephemeral, or on the images of Art, cultivating an idea of secrecy and transmission of the intimate. Creating compositions in life, likewise scenography or performing actions that she photographs, the painting – based on this model – follows an idea of transparency and transference, with an attention to the different painting techniques. Other expressions are writing, artist book or video.
PhD in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon (where, as a guest, she has been a professor since 2010), she exhibits regularly, being represented since 2002 by the Modulo Gallery. There she held 7 individual exhibitions. She participated in several collectives, in private and public spaces – such as Gulbenkian or MNAC. Her work is part of public and private collections.