Ángela Sánchez

Espanha, 1974


…”The series by Ángela Sánchez are, in a literal way, the necessary history of a gesture; her art history. In the eagerness to concentrate layers of time, to recycle and reconstitute, to develop each possibility, there is also something of a Babelic utopia – the Mesopotamian ziggurat, the predecessor of the pyramid, is that construction that is gradually built on its own remains, thus aspiring to be encyclopedic. But in reality it is just a matter of letting the painting be so that it can reveal what it has of vital force – and demonstrate that it is real -, it can suffer the accidents of existence and bear – again literally – its fruits. Because if the work of this artist essentially illustrates its own future, its vicissitudes, its surprising metamorphoses, its baroqueism and its collapse, its peculiarity certainly consists in allowing a form or, to be more precise, a symbol to emerge from the formless, from the residual.”…
Javier Rubio Nomblot