Antonio Faria


Antonio Faria (1966). Lives and works in Lisbon.
Artist-designer from Lisbon, trained in Plastic Arts (AR.CO), Graphic Design (IAde), his work has been mainly developed in the fields of drawing-painting, design and illustration, with incursions into sound experimentation.
António Faria says that he is moved by the idea of melancholy and claustrophobia transmitted by spaces that are impossible to inhabit. And the possibility of its transposition, especially in the case of melancholia: the own, probably.
Far from being interested in the pure issues of representation of nature, the artist uses nature as an emotional metaphor, closing it off, to create the claustrophobic environments that are his focus.
There is in António Faria a strong sense of discipline, a regular dedication to the creative process, because creation is a compulsion and an engine of expression in the world, with the world. Drawing is a daily practice, intense and focused and in a continuous dialogue.
In this practice, incorporating what is for what it is, i.e. the response that the work gives to any gesture generating a new mark on the paper is much more than accepting an error, it is abolishing the concept of error in favor of dialogue with the work in progress.