Santander, Spain, 1967


Arancha Goyeneche is a creator who, in her artistic career, makes a personal journey of reclaiming the pictorial, from outside the painting. If we had to label it, we would be talking about “Painting without Painting,” or as Carlos Jiménez says, “post-literary.” Her works, often composed of several regular elements, make up a polyptych consisting of structures covered by vinyl strips. It is a work built from the contemplative, made without sacrificing conceptual complexity.
A rhetorical exaltation, evidently, inspired by the cubist collage and the Berlin photomontage, which used cutting and pasting methods comparable to those of Arancha Goyeneche, although she does not use them to perform shocking and impressive works but, on the contrary, harmonics, colourful, pleasant and balanced.
The series of “drawings” Look at my window, forges one more link in the chain that has been articulating its work with the following components: pictorial discipline, new media, abstract language and an exquisitely cultivated optics.