Portugal, 1968


With “Stories of my skin” I give continuity to the project “Skin of my Skin”. Each sculptural intervention is a fragment of memory connected physically and spiritually with its previous ancestor. The fragments in time of a spiritual and interior experience are materialized through the marble (eu-pele). With no need to perpetuate (Per petram), it exposes the fragility of our condition through the epidermis of the material, in a flux that lives through the rhythm of the movement, through the shape and light, a real and truthful language of the sensitive. In the spoken process, the fragile and ephemeral are always present. The material is taken to the limit of its resistance, so much that tension gives in and the material disaggregates. Then it creates a process where the accident contributes to the aesthetic of the work itself.

This partial narrative is articulated and contributes to a self-made path like a progressive construction in the beginning of my works in space and time of each exposition.

Carlos Andrade