Lisbon, Portugal, 1964


“When I was 15 I knew how to draw like Raphael, but I needed a lifetime to learn how to draw like a child”.

This phase attributed to Picasso has not always been well interpreted and has everything to do with an individual’s attitude towards drawing. What he meant was that a child acts with determination, takes a constant risk and, if he doesn’t like it, repeats the process without showing signs of impatience or frustration. It is difficult for an adult to face a sheet of paper with this innocent pride.
Who does not remember the strong feelings of frustration during the many vain attempts to draw realistically? Not all of us have been fortunate enough to be around someone who is attentive and invites us to insist, not on a precise copy of reality, but more on representing what we know and feel. Like Picasso, many of us were not so lucky, but we pursued a beautiful goal.