Emilio González Sainz

Spain, 1954


Emilio González Sainz lives a split life between its walks and its frequentation of books, maps and stories. She is unfolded and fluid, for she seems to see the cliffs with Friedrich’s eyes, but also, when she looks at paintings, she seems as if she is walking through them, inhaling aromas and sounds. A life in painting.
Undoubtedly, his work is based on values, and at present, another must be added that is possibly more intangible for most, but not for those of us who have somehow had the fortune to accompany him during these years, and that is none other. Than the certainty of someone who knows what he is up to, and that allows him to enjoy his painting, to the point of going out to walk through his own works. Emilio González Sainz enters and leaves through landscapes that, in addition to being common to many of his teachers, are his own. He paints things and places that he knows, along with those that he does not know but imagines. He describes places he has lived or at least known, along with those that are completely unknown to him.