Novo Mundo, Bahía, Brazil, 1975


Evandro Soares is an artist guided by an intuitive knowledge made by his unique way of living the construction of space and shape. Evandro makes an intelligent use of his experience which is far from the rudimentary knowledge of popular aesthetics and close to the erudite geometrical, reductive and minimalist reasoning, which investigate the autonomy of form and plastic space. His constructions are rigorous and formally aseptic and use a few elements: plan, line, light and shade.
In his production the notion of expanded design comes from the hybridism of the categories that trigger the traffic between drawing, object and installation. It’s a drawing that is far from tradition, having a minimal and subtle graphic spot, with its own body advancing in the tridimensional space and expanding itself in the two-dimensional space either as matter or as shade.
It’s a drawing without a specific place, as the suspended stairs which lead to «cómodos disfuncionais»; and connect the low with the high and vice-versus as cubes that close dysfunctional spaces of living and speaking. Forms that are repeated united and prevent any type of conversation between them, making the spectator look at the work by using the silent movement of the vision, which is surprised by the ingenuity of illusion.