Córdoba, Spain, 1978


Fernando M. Romero lives and works in London, where he is currently attending his MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art. His work examines the notions of disruption and interference in relation to the way we consume information and how we perceive the world. His work mixes disciplines such as painting, photography, video, sound, site-specific installations or drawing, using them as different lenses or filters to explore the biases and resonances existing in any language or system.
In his most recent project, “Nothing to do. Nothing to say”, he focuses on the complex ways we relate to information nowadays. He raises questions about our consumption of information through screens, windows, haptic devices, interfaces, etc. by using repetitive processes of transferring gestures and painting between different surfaces and rearranging the results on the wall. Using these reiterative translations between surfaces, “Nothing to do. Nothing to say” traces a map of how “our writing tools are also working on our thoughts”.