Zaragoza, Spain, 1975


Powerful, elegant and subtle artist, who has created his own creative world, based on shadow and geometry, on the containment of gesture and drawing, in an almost obsessive dialogue between colour and black and white, between figuration and abstraction and a metaphysical atmosphere that sometimes seems black cinema, sometimes nightmare and often unfathomable labyrinth.
His work is based on an essential understanding of the image, which is created by the silent dialogue between light and shadow, based on white, black and a wide range of greys. The representations are like platonic models of the referent, and establish a continuum between the everyday and the transcendent.
On this occasion, in his series of drawings in Chinese ink titled “disaster”, piles of rubble refer to total destruction; and interiors of artist studios, where the effects and risks of that destruction that reduces everything to nothing are notified, to make them visible, in the solitude of creation.