Georg Fuchssteiner

Germany, 1982


The German painter and draftsman Georg Fuchssteiner studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (AdBK) and creates blurring pictorial structures that reconcile elements from painting and drawing. Especially in his watercolours, Fuchssteiner uses colour shades that seem to whisper, and his forms and textures oscillate between appearance and disappearance. Fuchssteiner succeeds in shaping artistic equivalents of silent and speechless entities, generating a specific aesthetical being with its own intimate nature and original simplicity. With delicate force, the artist creates a finely differentiated chromatic variety that is highly contemplative and sensual. The organizing principles of natural manifestations and of the human existence are reflected in Fuchssteiner`s works. However, the artist does not seem particularly interested in depicting the world, rather evoking the viewer’s inner capacity to detach from the real and shift the gaze towards the possible.
Georg Fuchssteiner, lives and works in Bogen (Germany). Apprenticed as industrial mechanic (1999-2003), studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (AdBK, 2003-2011). Awards: 2005 Culture Prize of the City of Straubing (Kulturförderpreis der Stadt Straubing), 2007 Fanny Carlita scholarship, 2008 Jubilee scholarship on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of AdBK Munich, 2011 Senator Bernhard Borst Prize, 2018 Art Award of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts. Selected exhibitions: 2020 Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts (Munich), 2020 Jahn und Jahn (Munich), 2018 Galerie Sandra Bürgel (Berlin), 2016 Kunstarkaden München, 2015 Städtische Galerie Cordonhaus (Cham), 2015 Neuer Kunstverein (Regensburg), 2015 Schönewald Fine Arts (Düsseldorf), 2014 Galerie Jahn (Munich), 2012 Galerie Knust + Kunz (Munich), 2011 Lothringer 13 (Munich).