Patagonia, Argentina, 1971


Born in Patagonia, Argentina, Gonzalo Elvira has lived and worked in Barcelona since 2000. He studied at the Antonio Berni School of Visual Arts in Buenos Aires and began his artistic career in 1993. His projects investigate collective moments that make up a kind of landscape of red lines or historical rearguard.
The beginning of the project “el Psicoanálisis te ayudará” are the photomontages that Grete Stern made for the magazine Idilio, which appeared in Argentina in 1948 and it was dedicated to young and female audiences. In this magazine Grete Stern illustrated the response of the psychoanalyst Renzi to the readers of the magazine. This series of photomontages are known by the name of Dreams. “El Psicoanálisis te ayudará” is a broad project in references and associations made as the Atlas Mnemosyne of Aby Warburg.