Polónia, 1978


Joanna Latka was born in Poland in 1978, but she lives and works in Portugal. She is a prolific artist using a variety of techniques such as printmaking, drawing in Indian ink. Her artwork may be seen in many private and state-owned collections. She’s had 30 solo exhibitions and around 50 group exhibitions and was selected to take part in the International Print Network Horst-Janssen-Museum in Germany, the 9th International Biennale “Livres à Voir 9” in France and in the 5th International Exhibition of Artist Books in Hungary, among others. She is also a co-founder of Contraprova Printmaking Studio, in Lisbon. Her work is characterized as unstoppable by Professor Piotr Jargusz, from the Institute of Fine Arts of the Pedagogical University Cracow: «It’s impossible to tame the imagination of Joanna Latka. Her works are a life diary and a variety of one of the trends of expressionism. They are also both an existentialist question and an existentialist answer. Her works depict everyday life but are, nevertheless, able to raise unusual reactions. Standing in front of them we can feel the authenticity of the transfusion of emotions made by the artist».