Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1987


Matías Ercole rebels against the traditional role of drawing. He uses sgraffito works that transform imaginary landscapes into a complex and disjointed image, like rewriting an artificial scenography. In his works, nature is faced with an unthinkable tension that immerses the observer in a disturbing and ambiguous atmosphere, somewhere between representation and abstraction.
Ercole holds a degree in Visual Arts from the Universidad Nacional de las Artes in Argentina. Recently, he was awarded a scholarship by the Centro de Investigación Artística Fundación Start and has completed residencies in Barcelona (Hangar) and Uruguay. Winner of the scholarship Becar Cultura of the Ministry of Culture of Argentina, during 2018 in Turin, Italy, he developed the project “The story of a ray”, a research project about the stories of his work and the experimentation with new materials.