Miguel Navas


“Starting from a model that exists in a reality other than that of the sheet of paper, what the artist carries out is nothing more than one of the thousands of possible translations between what his gaze perceives and the language possible on the drawing plane.
After this first moment, the situation worsened and the dismissal movement began. We say “destitution” instead of “destruction”, because in our view the creative movement extends from the beginning to the end of the work process. Even if burning, erasing or cutting, what actually takes place here is always an act of creation: before the whole process, this work did not exist and, in this way, it was being created. This is its perpetual condition: becoming a face or a tree.” by Carlos Correia about Miguel Navas’s artwork.
Miguel Navas (Lisbon 1963) graduated in Architecture from FAUL in 1989 and has been exhibiting since 1987, having participated in more than forty collective and individual exhibitions in numerous spaces, namely Fundação D. Luís in Cascais, Galeria Monumental in Lisbon, Galeria da Livraria Sá da Costa in Lisbon, Porto Municipal Gallery, etc. Collective exhibitions at Fundação Arpad Szenes Vieira da Silva, Fundação Carmona e Costa, Sintra Museu de Arte Moderna- Berardo Collection and Casa Fernando Pessoa, among others. The artist is represented in private and institutional collections in Portugal and abroad.

#115 “Uncertain Smile_Paisagens de Um Tempo Incerto”, 2023
Acrílico s/papel. 125×150 cm.