Lobito, Angola, 1971

Presented by GALERIA 111

Pedro A.H. Paixão is an artist, editor and lecturer. He holds a MA in Fine Arts and a PhD in Philosophy. Pedro A.H. Paixão has already lived in Lisbon, Porto, Venice and Chicago, but currently lives in Milan. He is an investigator at the Philosophy Institute of Universidade do Porto/Oporto University and is in charge of the “Disciplina sem nome” essay collection for Documenta editions. He won the first edition of the Navigator Art on Paper Prize in June 2018.
Paixão draws creatures and characters that, as they take shape, also find a voice, as if they had something to tell us. The density of his immersion in the search for sensitive thoughts reflects everything he does. His work is composed of that density, complexity, narrativity and, above all, time. It consists of a meticulous exploration of the drawing technique and his oeuvres frequently taking months to be ready due to their detail.