Spain, 1982


Lives and works in Granada. She is an artist, teacher and researcher at the Drawing Department of the University of Granada. His work focuses on traces as an impulse for drawings. They are the essential trace of her search, as the guiding thread of his inquiries ; sometimes deceit that weakens the resolution, other times illusory perceptions, other times conquests in the power of the frequency with which it manifests the spiritual, as its shown in the series Allegories of Water and Milk, a the result of her own life experience in recent years in which motherhood and pandemic are mixed. Among her latest exhibitions, it is worth highlighting her participation in the Ia Iberoamericana de Toro. Women and Visual Arts of the XXI Century (2021), or those made in the Cuarto Real of Santo Domingo (Granada, 2019) and in the Crypt of the Palace of Carlos V in the Alhambra (Granada, 2020-2021).