Rodrigo Oliveira


The artistic practice of Rodrigo Oliveira (Sintra, Portugal, 1978) intentionally uses a multiplicity of operational means and material supports. His work materializes in a unique and experimental way in objects that start from a logic of improvisation, skillful and precarious. In his recent trajectory, the processes and methods of repetition, collection and seriality are essential.
The artist approaches in a unique way an intense research that questions the repercussions of “Lusophone Tropicalism” on the heritage of modernist architecture and the legacy of Conceptual Art as a miscegenation in contemporary culture. His work reveals a possible translation of the individual condition in a world dominated by the diaspora of political, economic, social and cultural models.

Enquadramento, (Entre quatro Paredes #2), 2017-2018
Watercolor painting on paper and cardboard, beech wood frame. Approximate dimensions (each): 40x30x4 cm.