Barcelona, Spain, 1975


Sergio Mora belongs to a generation of young artists who, since the beginning of the 21st century, have expanded their pictorial activity beyond the limits of the canvas. Once again, they occupied spaces that had always needed the audacity of art, of the painter’s trade. However, after the impulse of post-modernity, such spaces had suffered a change out from the centre of the aesthetic discussion, perhaps due to the clear tendency of these painters not to exclude a marked narrative style from their works: a path that could merge with that of illustration and that, far from disturbing them, encourages and strengthens their convictions.
His series Tropical Window is complemented by monochrome ceramics in sky blue, where he develops his unique iconography: the volcanoes that extract life from the centre of the earth, with references to classic science fiction films as the narrative and philosophical axis. Childhood, games and toys, television, rock, pop, films, science fiction, monsters, art as something magical, all of which Mora always defends, are elements that populate his works until they become places of transformation, memory, joy and hope. An afterlife that is achieved through contemplation.