Teresa Moro

Spain, 1970


Teresa Moro has always painted elements, both domestic and urban, which, wrapped in a mysterious and disturbing atmosphere, transcend their usefulness.
Artist studios. These were years devoted to investigating the places, the spaces where artists work, read, look, are inspired, dream and even sleep and all the furniture and objects that surround them in their daily lives. That set of things that make up that small world that makes them different, exclusive, personal, far from the galloping homogenisation to which the system drags us day by day.
Donald Judd’s table, the pipe used by Brancusi, Georgia O’Keeffe painter’s cart, etc. are just a few examples with which Teresa has nurtured a personal world that of the imagination that has made her work unmistakable.
“Not everything goes, I do selective searches, like a compulsive collector, and then choose each image carefully.”