In the fourth edition of the Fair, the Millennium bcp Foundation directly supports the actors of creation, dissemination and commercialization of art with important prizes:

III Millennium BCP Foundation Acquisition Prize – Emerging Talent. The winning work, by an author under 35 years old, will become part of the Millennium BCP Foundation collection, endowed with 1,500 euros

II Outstanding Artistic Project Award. Attributed to an artist of the Drawing Room Lisboa 2021, considering the criteria of artistic relevance of the work presented at the Fair, as well as the path of dedication and commitment to artistic work. Endowed with 1.500 euros

II Gallery Curatorial Project Award. Awarded to the proposal for the curatorial presence of a gallery participating in Drawing Room Lisboa 2021, taking into consideration the creativity and risk taken in the design of the stand. Awarded 1,000 euros.