The brothers Santos and Rodrigo Mabunda (born in Maputo, Mozambique, in 1982 and 1985, respectively) show their creative coincidences in Espaço Projeto 1 presented by Art Dispersion, in a site-specific project for Drawing Room Lisboa. Both artists have a drawing practice that consists of uniting figures, objects and symbols without a continuity solution to form images characterized by fluidity and spatiality over the various supports found.

Santos Mabunda

He holds a degree in Textiles from the Mozambique National School of Visual Arts and in Industrial Electricity from the Metalomechanical Training Center (2001). He has been exhibiting since 2005, having held individual exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Mozambique, of which “Os Mabundas” stands out, with his brothers, artists Rodrigo and Gonçalo Mabunda, at Instituto Camões – Centro Cultural Português in Maputo.

Rodrigo Mabunda

Coming from a family of artists, Rodrigo Mabunda revealed his interest and aptitude for drawing, long before it became his main activity. Self-taught, he let himself be guided by the materials around him and at his disposal, very often cartons, allowing his structures to guide his gestures and the shapes that result from them, often drawn by the ballpoint. His artistic career has passed through Mozambique, Lisbon, Tokyo, or Italy, where he participated in exhibitions, fairs and artistic residencies.