Drawings of the Collection of Contemporary Art, PT Foundation

Galeria Pintor Fernando de Azevedo, Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes

The Dangerous Plurality, the title of the artist’s design, Pedro Proença (1962), allows us to group an extraordinary series of works, one for each author, highlighting the idiosyncratic variety of each of them. As if it were a mirror of the society from which its representatives are drawn, this collection shows the diverse richness of the works and the challenge of finding coherence when exposing only part of the collection.


Álvaro Lapa, Ana Hatherly, Cristina Lamas, Daniel Barroca, Diogo Pimentão, Fernando Calhau, Gaëtan, Inês Botelho, Joana Rosa, Joaquim Bravo, Jorge Martins, Jorge Queiroz, Manuel Baptista, Maria José Oliveira, Maria Tomás, Marta Wengorovius, Martinha Maia, Michael Biberstein, Paula Rego, Pedro Portugal, Pedro Proença, Pedro Tudela, Rosa Almeida, Rui Moreira, Rui Sanches, Xana.


Mónica Álvarez Careaga, curator and director of Drawing Room.
Mónica Constantino, manager and curator of the Collection of Contemporary Art, PT Foundation.