For the fifth consecutive year Viarco will be at the fair and will attribute the New Talent Drawing Prize – Drawing Room Lisboa & Viarco, that aims to offer to a Drawing Room Lisboa artist, in the beginning of his career, the opportunity to carry out an artistic residence in Fábrica de Lápis Portuguesa, complemented with a stay in Oliva Creative Factory.

During the residency at Viarco, the young creator will join the list of artists that have already received the grant: Irene Gozález, Matías Ercole, Ana Romãozinho and Guillermo de Foucault. He will have the opportunity to work in creative freedom, drawing inspiration from the experiences, materials and reflections of the work space that surrounds him to give free rein to the act of drawing. The Viarco prize also includes the offer of a kit of specific drawing material, giving the young creator the tools and raw material for the development of his creative project.

Viarco & Drawing Room Lisbon “draw” partnerships since the first edition!