Sobralinho, Portugal (1985)


Sérgio Fernandes holds a degree in Visual Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (2008) and a postgraduate degree in Visual Arts / Visual Poetics from the School of Arts and Communication of the University of São Paulo (2012).
The artistic research of Sérgio Fernandes is based on the direct relation between light and colour, and how that relation is transposed to the painting. He works mainly with oil in large scale paintings in which he questions the relationship between painting and spectator. The works in gouache on paper present a more intimate side of that research where the painting arises as a sign of power. The tons, more or less intense, more or less contrasting, suggest different depths and tensions that configure shapes and spaces which will slowly reveal themselves. There is a refinement of the technique that deletes the brushes out of the surface of the paper. The spectator is confronted with an engaging force that transports him/her to a deep state of meditation.