Barcelona, Spain, 1973


“My relationship with art can be summarized in the act of discovery. That may be why I paint, for the surprise of the newness.
Throughout my years of experimentation, I have developed a special interest for man and its relationship and effect on nature. After years studying the great masters of painting, I found my technical tool in the post-impressionist brush-stroke and the storyline in symbolism. This mixture leads to a both figurative and conceptual work, as a result of an introspective task from the point of view of nature, but which suggests a lot of questions to the spectator.
My works of art allow people to observe the scenery differently, as if one could zoom in a piece of forest, just by sliding your finger on the screen, to sometimes discover a truthful animal word, sometimes an oneiric world and others a dystopian one.
As I mentioned at the beginning, why not live eternally in a surprise instant? In the way from the unknown to the new? In wonder? It is this pleasure, which can sometimes be elusive, brief or even sustained, the reason why art has been with me all my life, despite the hard circumstances.”