Cáceres, Spain, 1954


Florentino Díaz is an artist with an absolutely unique project, for his research, for his spirit, for his strange combination delivery, distance and irony that, over time, surprises more by the clarity with which, since the beginning, was unmarked of generational proposals and delved into lonely, difficult, uncoloured roads, in the first eighties by the hand of two excellent gallery owners from Madrid, such as Ángel Romero and Emilio Navarro.
Presents a piece built with 28 drawings made this year, and belonging to a wider series around the BREXIT, in which the presence of those characters “goyescos” on the flags, give clear clues about their positioning.
These drawings arise from the idea of making an artist’s book, based on a London street map of the sixties that he got at the Flea Market. Is part of a three-work project, each consisting of 28 drawings, the same as the number of countries of the European Union.