Mechelen, Belgium, 1982


Drawing is in the origin of the whole work created by Klaas Vanhee. And it is also the ultimate expression of his life, ranging from his fully detailed daily life to his body movements. His stroke is sometimes energetic and at times it is delicate and sensual.
In his drawings, we can see recognizable and quotidian objects which are full of irony. But, as well as them, we also can see expressive faces transformed by the anguish or sadness. In either case, what is always present in his work is the movement and the energy of his gesture. A feature which is specially important in his two-hand wall drawings where his stroke acts as an echo of his thought and feelings.
That is probably why in his drawings there is something that always invites us to look at them and brings us closer, unshielded and unfiltered, enjoying the warmth that they transmit to us.